Best Bumper Boat Trick EVER!

So, on our recent vacation to Destin, our kids begged us to visit a local tourist trap, and we obliged. The place had go-karts, bumper cars and the coup de grace – the bumper boats.

Bumper boats don’t go very fast, so this should be low-key, I thought as Molly and I climbed into our boat.  I quickly learned bumper boats are all about the water spray feature and the fact that the boats don’t go very fast means you can’t get away from that water spray.

And I had NO idea my husband would pull the best trick ever at the bumper boats. While Molly and I were tooling around thinking our only nemesis was our two other family members in another boat, my husband was going around to all the other kids in boats and telling them to attack us with water!

So all of a sudden, we were pelted with water spray from every direction and had no idea what hit us!

Drenched and laughing, I was ALL about getting even. So I did a little “coalition building” of my own, but focused on the grownups. This one guy had the best aim ever. Molly and I were dripping wet and belly laughing while we got the boys back for their bumper boat attack. Hah! Take that, boys!

Good times. Next time you find yourself in a bumper boat, you should totally do this to your family members.

Hope you are having a great day!

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