Motherhood Moments: Kids Are Messy

Motherhood Moments is a series of pictures of funny things around the house. In this episode…some messy moments. And I just want to say for the record, that despite these pictures, our house and our car are kept relatively clean. I said relatively.

I’m sorry to say this was found in the playroom.

 Cleaning out the car, I was startled (though not entirely surprised) to find what looked like a rodent! Turns out it was just one of those rollerball things from the Cracker Barrel gift store. How ironic that it found its way in there.

Charlie: “Mommy, come see what I made!”

At Club Charlie they serve apple juice squirted on the ground with a free side of ants.

Found gum on a straw. Better here than in Charlie’s ear.

Puzzle pieces in the vent. Seemed like a good idea to 16-month-old Leonie in Chicago, Il!

According to Leonie’s mom, Anissa, “Most of what you see was either stuck in her teeth or swallowed. Good times”

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