Staggered-Start Kindergarten: Mile 27 of a 26-Mile Marathon

bus Whew! Made it through a fun (but long) summer and today is the first day of the rest of my life that both kids are in school full time.

Those Staggered Kindergarten Days

Many schools (like ours) have kindergartners come for a few hours one day for the first two weeks of school. I am sure it’s great for teachers and for kids who have never been to daycare or preschool, but – for us – it put a damper on the start of school. There was such a build-up to the first day for my daughter, and then he didn’t get to go too. He had to wait a few days and then go for just three hours. Two weeks of that.

As a mom who works from home, but took the summer off, the staggered-start of kindergarten felt like mile 27 of a 26-mile marathon.

Hear Me

I adore the time I get to spend with my kids. We have had a great summer – the best ever. But I’m tired. I’m crispy. And I was really ready for school to start and be started for both kids. (I am in dire need of quiet.)

Fortunately and unfortunately, I have totally spoiled our kids. This summer I worked so hard to make sure that they had lots of fun stuff to do. And it’s what they know, so they totally don’t appreciate it. Trekking that last mile and being met with expectations to continue delivering big fun was kind of hard for me. Especially, as people I ran into kept asking me “what I was doing with all my free time.”

“She has a list…” Charlie (6) actually responded to someone who asked me that question. My unspoken answer to that questions was a little different.

The List

It’s true. I have a list.  A big one, of all the things I mean to do but never get around to doing. I am grateful that I can work from home and control my schedule. I took a major break from work this summer and before I kick it into high gear again I have GOT to spend some time organizing this place.

So I made a list of tasks, room by room of things I need to organize, clean or do.

And I am all about it. Well, after I spend a few minutes sitting in a corner rocking and sucking my thumb.

I love my kids, but today’s theme song is this.

Disclosure: I feel like a bad mom for thinking this way, but it’s where I am right now.  Can anyone relate?

3 Responses to Staggered-Start Kindergarten: Mile 27 of a 26-Mile Marathon

  1. Anne August 29, 2013 at 10:16 am #

    Drop the guilt and rejoice in this new chapter for all involved! You’re a great mom:)

  2. Karen August 29, 2013 at 6:11 pm #

    You are a great Mom and blessed because you were able to take some time off this summer. Good idea about the list and yes, starting off with cleared spaces will make everything flow smoothly.

    I’m reading a book, Ready for Anything by David Allen of Getting Things Done fame. He says it’s all about consistency. If you are in the habit of being 1 step behind all the time then the result is chaos and overwhelm, but if you can get into the habit of being 1 step ahead you will feel in control and on top of the world. Getting your spaces organized will help you get a step ahead.

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