When it Comes to Coats…Think Big and Think Siblings!

When it comes to winter coats…think big and think siblings!

Buy your kids a winter coat that is too big and let them grow into it.  I actually stumbled across this accidentally. Someone gave my daughter a coat that she has been able to wear it from age 2 to 3. It was starting to look a little small . I went to buy her a coat and got to thinking that there isn’t much cold weather left this winter season and I should think big. So, I got the next size up. She can wear it now and next winter season.

Also, now that I have a girl and a boy I find myself thinking about the hand-me-down factor when I am selecting colors. Instead of the pink jacket, I think sibling, an go for the red or blue one that I know my son can eventually wear.

Speaking of siblings, my sister has a son, so we are getting all of his clothes as he grows out of them, which is a money-saver. I also have a friend who has lent me her son’s clothes, so I really don’t have to buy my child anything but socks.  I just have to make sure all the clothes are marked so I can keep up with them and make sure they get back to the right person. My friend Kelly uses diaper boxes to store clothes. The price is right, so I have started doing that too. I keep  empty labeled diaper boxes in the closet, so when I find something that doesn’t fit anymore I put it in the right box.

As for shopping for clothes, I have a great tip for you. TARGET marks their stuff down on Thursdays, so that’s the day to shop there for clothes.

Any other money or time saving tips for kids clothing?

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