7 Days of Teacher Gifts: Day 5

This is a post from last year.  It’s recycled.

Give a potted plant and have your child help you make it. This can be done on a budget and still produce a nice gift.  (Typically, this is something I end up doing by myself at about 10:00 PM the night before the last day of school). But it’s early enough to be ahead of the game this year.

I got this tin container at Tuesday Morning for $2.99. I already had a bag if potting soil, so all I needed to do was buy a few flowers from The Home Depot. And you will also want to pick up a clear plastic tray/saucer to go underneath it.

You’ll need to punch a few  holes in the bottom. This is why you need the clear plastic saucer.

Easy peasy, and it’s a good excuse to play in dirt. I think it’s fun to get creative with containers and turn them into planters. You could also let your child paint a container. Have you seen anything interesting turned into a planter?


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