Yet another random object makes it through the wash…

So, I open the washer door to what should be clean clothes to find lots of paper-like looking lint. Hmmm. As I pull out item after item covered with paper my curiosity intensifies. Naturally, I assume my darling husband has stupidly left something in his pocket creating this situation for me.

And then I see it. A piece of mangled wire that was once…a pants hanger.

Everytime something like this happens I think I should make a list of the crap that has survived – or not survived my washer.  A relative even suggested I could be a Whirlpool spokesperson for a – Timex – type campaign.  (Whirlpool, if you want to give me a makeover and pay me to talk about my washing woe’s, give me a buzz).

So here’s the list of  things (that I know of) that have made it through:

  • A pants hanger
  • A blue crayon (Oh yea, there was some cursing over that one, which made it into the dryer)
  • Matchbox car
  • A log of poo. I wish I were joking, but this is actually true.
  • Money (coins and paper). Yes, I confess to laundering money.
  • A pull-up (this was a different incident than the log of poo).

I’m sure there are more, but that’s all I can think of right now. Ok – better get back to that laundry. I’ll be on the lookout for poo, money, toys, random objects and the odd pants hanger.

Thank you whirlpool washer for standing the test of time!

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