Craigslist Etiquette – Nearly shafted twice in one day

Thrifty mom that I am, I try to get things for my children second-hand.

After having a REALLY bad experience with PayPal and eBay, I switched to Craigslist. Buy local and use cash – that’s the way, right? Well, like anything, it has its drawbacks, too. Yesterday I was trying to buy two things on Craigslist for my kids – a mirror for the playroom and power wheels vehicle – both Christmas gifts for my kids.

In both transactions someone attempted to pay over asking in order to swoop in and get the items. In the case of the mirror, I was trying to arrange to see it when I was informed they had been offered more than asking. I think he expected me to get into a bidding war. As if I would do that for an ugly mirror I wanted for the playroom.

But the battery-powered car – that’s a different story. I had agreed to buy it and gone to great lengths to make arrangements to transport and store it to hide it for Christmas. At 11 pm last night, I got an email from the woman who said she was getting repeated texts from someone who wanted the car and would pay $40 over asking. The lady tried to bow out of our arrangements for the next morning. Really? Seriously? What is wrong with people? Apparently her husband wanted her to take the higher offer and she nearly did. I had to come up on the price a little to help assuage her greed.

It costed about $25 extra and a guilt-provoking email from me for this person’s moral compass to point north. I’m glad she did the right thing, but I am not sure why she needed help doing that. What’s the matter with people?


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