A Mompreneur Who Inspires Me

My friend Jill had an idea. Lots of people have ideas, but not everyone does something about it. Jill is an entrepreneur. One better, she’s also a busy mother of two.

Jill created a product called Lipstix Remix. It’s a fabulous lipstick mold that is really easy to use. When you get to the bottom of that favorite tube of lipstick  you can get the rest of it out and make a new tube of that shade yourself!  Or you can mix colors and create something new.

She did a ton of research and worked with experts on multiple prototypes to engineer a fantastic product — all while running a household with two kids under four!

This is a woman who’s got her act together, and I really admire her drive and ingenuity. Jill, I wish you every success with your business. You are one fabulous mompreneur!


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