It’s Not Me, It’s Poo.

So, I was talking to a mom friend about the cup o poo incident.  She looked at me funny when I said I thought he was sending me a message. In retrospect, my guilt for plopping him down in front of the TV so I could get something done, was actually a totally separate issue. My issue. Thanks to my guilt, he actually got rewarded with my attention for brining me a cup of his poop. Bad move on my part. Live and learn.

He’s only two. That’s just too young to be sending me this kind of message.  The reality is, he just had some poo and wanted to play with it.

So, it’s actually not me, it’s poo.

Since none of you whacked me on the head about this before Rebecca (Thanks, Becky) I am assuming you didn’t know what to do with a situation like this. So, I will tell you what I have figured out.

How To Deal With A Cup-O-Poo Child:

1). Talk to the child. That said, he’s a little too immature to rationalize all this, so punish. Find the child’s kryptonite and take it away as punishment.

2). Remind. We have daily reminders about poo nastiness.

3). Play-dough. He clearly has a desire for tactile touch, so I have been getting the play-dough out almost daily.

I also tried cleaning him up with cool water. Some other mom suggested the child would associate his actions with cool water and the unpleasantness would be a motivator to stop the behavior. So, I tried it. I was feeling like dirt and my son looked at me, laughed and said, “this is fun!”  Didn’t work for us (plus, it seems mean) but I mention it here, because apparently this worked for someone else.

We’ve only had one incident post-cup o poo, and that was a while ago now (knock on wood). So,  I think we have nipped it, but sometimes you just never know when poo is coming your way.

Anything else I should be doing?  Is anyone else have a child scattered, smothered and chunked?

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