On Becoming My Mother

Daughter: “Mom, where are my white sandals?”

Me: “You mean the ones that are two sizes too small? No idea.” (In truth, I have no idea where they went after I dropped them off at Goodwill).

My mom always threw stuff away, and I never understood why until now. One of my many unnamed motherhood duties is processing the stuff in our house. If I didn’t, our house would look like this:

So, I keep a watchful eye out for things that are past their prime and move them on to the appropriate place. If I don’t keep up with it, we will have to live in it and the accumulation of stuff can easily get out of control.

So, do you “find things new homes” much to the consternation of your family members? In what ways have you become your mother?

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  1. Jennifer May 13, 2010 at 10:41 am #

    Too funny! I fear I’ll wake up one day and not be able to reach the front door due to all of the “stuff” we have. And so yes, to prevent disaster I go on ‘throw away spurts’ where if it’s on the floor or in my way…watch out cause it’s gone!
    And being like my mom…I will say something and think..now where did I hear that before…ah yes, my mother! Yikes!

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