Gift Ideas for Teachers

It’s that time of year again! Time to give gifts to the wonderful teachers who educate and take such good care of our kids during the school year.  Here are a few inexpensive and creative gift ideas:

Potted Plant/Flowers: Have your munchkin help you put a flower or plant in a pot. This can be done on a budget and still produce a nice gift.  (Typically, I do this by myself at about 10:00 the night before the last day of school). Fortunately, this year, I am ahead of the game!

Today, I spent $2.99 on this tin container at Tuesday Morning.

We poked a couple of holes in the bottom with a screw driver and a hammer for drainage. (And by “we” I mean my husband).

Then my daughter and I put flowers in it and it’s ready to go.

Candy: This year, I bought the biggest bag of M&Ms I have ever seen and used it to fill small aluminum watering cans from the dollar bin at Target. I didn’t have any cellophane so I improvised. I used a gallon-size ziplock back and put the M&Ms in the corner of it. I placed that down inside the watering can, filled it with M&Ms and then tied it off with some string. Cut the top of the bag off and it looks like cellophane. I added Martha Stewart gift tags from Michael’s and ended up with a really cute, easy and inexpensive teacher gift. (I forgot to take a picture!)

Also, Michael’s sells colorful bins that look like Chinese take-out containers. These are really stylish and are great for holding cookies or candy.

Gift Cards: Arguably one of the best teacher gifts is a gift certificate, but if you have several teachers to buy for, this can expensive quickly. Another way to go about it is to pool money from the class for one larger gift card. Or you can do individual gift cards, but give them to the teacher collectively.  If you are steady with a paintbrush, here’s one really creative way to do that:

Paint a tera cotta pot white. Paint lady bugs on it and write the name of each classmate. Then put styrofoam or potters foam in the pot and add store-bought flowers on a stick. Use paperclips to attach gift cards to flowers. Here is a picture of one done by one very creative mom. What a cute idea!

What cute gift ideas have you seen?


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