Brain Quest for Kids

Last year at a consignment sale, I picked up a box of Brain Quest Grade 1 cards at the urging of a friend. Well, I just got around to using them with my daughter who is now in the first grade and they are fantastic!

There are two sets of cards bound together with a brad. Each bundle has about 75 questions. And each card has five questions – one on Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and a Grab Bag/Miscellaneous question. The subsequent card in the stack has the answers to the questions.  We went through several of them with her last night and she loved it! She even knew a few things I didn’t think she would.

In addition to reading, this is now part of our bedtime ritual.

There are several different versions of these card available. They start with ages 2-3 and go up from there. There are even more specific brain quest challenges dedicated to subjects or topics such as Math, Reading, Presidents, Black History, etc. And at $10.95, they are affordable. Check ‘em out, Moms!

(No this is not a paid advertisement, it is just something I came across that’s cool. However, if anyone from Brain Quest wants to contribute to my kids’ college funds–uh, that would be alright by me).

Great tip — thanks, Cherise!

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