The Garland Was Hung By the Front Door With Cursing

Each year I choose a color scheme for the wreath and garland that go on and around our front door. Last year, I decided I would just take it down fully decorated and put it in the attic so this year it would be a breeze to put it up…

Now, imagine me standing on a chair outside my front door trying to hang a garland weighted down with lights and ornaments. The door frame is so wide that it was an uncomfortable reach from the each edge of the centrally located chair to shove the garland onto the nail at each corner. It kept falling down. The ornaments were falling off and smashing on the ground, startling me and making me utter burst-like screams. So, instead of “the stockings were hung by the chimney with care” – “the garland was hung by the front door with cursing.”

If it doesn’t stay put, it might just go in the trrrrash!

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