How to Make a Mossy Wreath

About two years ago I was tooling around the fake plants (stay with me) section of  JoAnn’s.There, I noticed a package containing a flat sheet of moss.

I bought some moss and a couple of  10″ wreath forms made of yellow hay. I cut the moss into strips and used a glue gun to attach it to the wreath and created a series of five wreaths that I now use in my eat-in kitchen area each year during the holidays. I attach the wreath to the windows with ribbon and a push pin. I also add bows with some wire, but bows aren’t even necessary. They look great plain or you could use ornaments or whatever floats your boat to adorn them. I have toyed with changing the ribbon color to mix things up, but you can’t go wrong with a classic.

Some things to note about this project:

  • Moss is messy – I don’t advocate you use this on a door you use a lot. When you move the wreath, pieces of moss come off and if this was on a door, your guests would probably be tracking fallen pieces into your house.
  • Hot glue and long strips of moss – I recall a few yelps in the process before I figured out that you should add glue as you wrap it around and not up and down an entire strip before you wrap it.
  • The sunny side of the wreath will fade – I made sure to put the sunnyside outward when I hung them this year. And, this might be the last year I get out of them, but the wreaths didn’t cost much, so I’m okay with that.

Don’t you just love the way your house feels when the decorations are up?

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  1. LuAnne Vaughan December 2, 2010 at 1:33 pm #

    Love this site and all your neat ideas and stories!!!!!


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