A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Guessing Room

My husband was willing to paint the laundry room. He asked me if I had cleared it out. Concerned he might change his mind, I hopped to it! I found myself transporting eight million hangers from the laundry room to the guessing room (what we call the guestroom) with gusto.  On one such feverish trip, I managed to run into the wall. The hangers hit the wall and my kinetic body rammed into the hangers, impaling my right hip. “Mother #$@#$#!!” When I think about it, I see it in crash-test-dummy-slow-motion, and my expletive sounds low and distorted.

Another inch and I might have lost my spleen! (Okay, so I have  no idea where my spleen is, but I’m sure there’s something vital in there that could have been harmed had my impalement been an inch to the left).

Anyway, the laundry room is builder beige no more. Here are some before and afters.

A while back I got these canvas and wire laundry bins and thought I would be all crafty and label them with iron-on transfer.

Note to self. Don’t forget to invert the image. D’oh! We’ll just rotate that around to the back and try it again on the other side.

Yes, that’s much better.

Well, I’m happy to make my laundry room a little more hip – even if my hip took a beating in the process.

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