Hooked on My Key Chain

Perhaps you carry a purse filled with mom stuff. I know I do. Let’s put it this way, if I ever get on Let’s Make a Deal, I could win big!  From wipes to crayons and matchbox cars to emergency bribery candy — looking for my keys in my bag can be exercise in frustration.

And, I’m always on the hunt for things that make my life as a mom easier. Not only is my purse a garbage can, but I seem to always have my hands full when I am herding my kids toward our car, or when I am in a check out line and need to access one of those plastic cards on my keys.

[Hook key chain enter stage right]

It looks kind of big in this picture, but it’s actually small. I’m only showing a smidge of my ginormous purse here so the scale is off.

My pal, Keisha, got me this fabulous key chain with a hook (engraved with my first initial) that hangs on the side of my purse. That means I can always find my keys. What a gift! This smart lady managed to give me something I use every day.

She said she ordered this one from Red Envelope, but I am sure you could find them elsewhere. I’m definitely hooked on this key chain.

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