Favorite Holiday Tips from TheMommyhood.com

In case you missed them, here are some of my favorite holiday tips and solutions from TheMommyhood.

The Portable North Pole
This web site enables you to send a customized video message to your kids complete with use of your child’s name and photos you upload if you choose. You can even customize the praise or direction Santa gives your child in the message based on the child’s behavior. My kids loved it again this year. There’s even an option for return users so Santa will acknowledge he’s talked to them before. Brilliant!

Elf on the Shelf
This small elf appears at Christmastime, and each night he goes to tell Santa if the kids have been naughty or nice. Each morning he is in a different spot and the kids go looking for him first-thing in the morning.  This year, my three-year-old has been reporting his good deeds to Mr. Elf and nodding while he asks for lots of presents as a reward.

Timing is Everything When You Are Stalking Yardwaste
A wreath-making adventure that still makes me twitch when I think about it. Here’s what happened when I planned a wreath-making party for a couple of my friends.

(It’s also a window into my neurosis you might find entertaining). Why can’t things just be easy?

How to Make a Mossy Wreath
I love the way my home feels when it is decorated for the holidays. Consider a mossy wreath in addition to the traditional ones we all know and love.

It’s an inexpensive  and unusual way to spruce up your holiday decor you can use year after year.

How to Make a Bat Signal
Do you have a Batman fan in your life? I made this bat signal for my nephew for about $15 dollars. It’s pretty easy to do, it doesn’t cost much, and, most importantly, and he loves it.

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