New Use for a Jelly Cabinet

Who says you have to put jelly in the jelly cabinet? I got a really cute one on Craigslist for $49 and I use it in my son’s room for his clothes. It’s the perfect height for him. I put a lined basket on the bottom shelf and we use that for his socks and underwear.  Whenever he outgrows it, I will probably put it in a bathroom and use it for towels.

I like objects with history. And I love that a son made this for his mom and now another mom is using it for her son. In fact, this cabinet made its way from the Robbins’ son to The Robinson’s son, which I find interesting.

What kinds of things have you repurposed?

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  1. amy edgemon September 6, 2010 at 3:24 pm #

    Too funny, I use the same thing for part of my fabric stash…..Looks great!!

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