What Would Be Lost if YOUR Computer Crashed?

I know you are busy, there’s always something going on. But if you care about your photos and documents, you need to stop and pursue multiple back ups ASAP!

My hard drive on my 2.5 year old Mac OS crashed and corrupted my files. So my back up drive houses a mirror image of my files – files corrupted by a crashed hard drive.

So here I sit, on a 10-year-old dinosaur computer (old faithful is a PC by the way) trying to piece together the parts and pieces that document our life. I lost pictures, letters to my children and lots of other things I haven’t realized yet. One saving grace has been that I send things through GMail a lot. So some things – like the list of funny things the kids say and a somewhat recent version of my book can be salvaged. But a LOT of things cannot be recovered.

And I thought I was doing everything right…

Poof! Gone.

What would happen if your computer crashed today? No time like the present, Friends.

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