How to Keep Flies Out of Your House

So, I was at my friend Allison’s house the other day and stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted a bag of water nailed to a door frame on the back of their house.

“Uh, what’s with the water?” I asked.

“It’s to keep the flies out. It WORKS!” she said.

Apparently the light refraction helps keep them away. My friend said they see their reflection and are repelled.

Who knew!?!? And who thinks of this stuff?  I mean, really, what possessed someone to even try that? But hey, I am willing to give it a go.

We don’t have too many flies, but it sure is annoying when they get in the house. My husband pays a quarter for every fly killed, and we bought each of our kids a swatter. It’s pretty entertaining to watch them go after one motivated by a mere quarter. Ahhh, summer boredom at its best!

Thanks for the tip, Allie! Hope you guys have a good week.

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