How to Spruce Up Damaged Dress Shoes

So, my super talented (and gorgeous) niece, Julia came up with a most excellent fix for a pair of new shoes that sustained some damage to the heels.

How to Fix Scuffed Heels

By Julia Olson

I bought these shoes to wear at a wedding. I literally took one step out of our door, and my shoe went through the stair grate. And got stuck. Of course, it ripped the shoe. First, I colored it with sharpie to hide it. Then it just got worse. But the rest of the shoe looked brand new.

So, I was thinking about covering it…and my second thought was GLITTER! So, I bought some fine black glitter. Of course, I had to buy a whole pack of every color under the sun just to get the black…but I got home and applied some “lock tight” fabric, flexible adhesive with an old paint brush. I sprinkled on the glitter and then let it dry half an hour. Then I repeated the process to make it a little more thick and durable. I let that dry another half our, and walked out the door in them!

The Shoes Before


And After
(Shazam!) damagedshoesafter

Genius, right?! Julia pointed out to me that this could easily work for a pair of kids shoes…and we all know the kind of wear and tear kids shoes can sustain! You might even be able to take a pair you get on consignment and spruce them up.

Well done, Julia. Thanks for sharing your clever solution.

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