The Anniversary Ornament

Looking for a unique gift idea for someone who is getting married? Well, we got this Swarovski crystal ornament as a wedding gift, and every year I am so happy when I put it on the tree.

It’s not something that comes to mind for a wedding gift, but every year I am reminded how much I like it. So I have now filed that away as a good wedding gift idea. It would also make a good anniversary gift – maybe for a couple that has reached a major milestone.

And I guess you could give it each year at Christmastime. I sort of like that we just have the one, but I bet a tree full of these would be drop dead gorgeous! Everyone in our family gets an ornament for Christmas each year. It’s our family tradition. We always have fun talking about them as we decorate our tree.

Do you have a favorite wedding gift idea?

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One Response to The Anniversary Ornament

  1. Anne December 5, 2011 at 8:53 pm #

    Great idea! Yes, ornaments are great ways to connect with memories and usually appreciated even by those who already “have it all” and wouldn’t otherwise want more trinkets to put on the shelf.

    Wedding gift idea…hmmm…not necessarily my favorite, but one that generally works is something for the kitchen. You can always pair a basic like a piece of quality cookware with something decorative or handmade for the kitchen.

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