Kindergarten Wisdom

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Our friend Riley is a hoot! Not only is she a fantastic person, but she is unusually wise for her age and says things that are both intriguing and hilarious.

Lucky for us her mom created @rileysays on Twitter to share her kindergarten wisdom with others. I just read through her quotes again and thought you guys might get a kick out of them.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from six-year-old Riley:

  • “There’s always room for a party in our life”
  • “Mold is DISGUSTING! Wait. What is mold?”
  • “Instead of school, I would prefer to go on vacation.”
  • “I’m like a cat. I like milk and I like to nap.”
  • “I’m moving to Chicago. The taxi will be here in like 2 hrs.”
  • “You could have asked me…the lid twisting genius.”
  • “I’m gonna do a little piano work and see if you guys are entertained.”
  • “She (her sister) learned a lesson last night, so I want to see how that works out tonight.”
  • “I’m gonna give you 3 chances – like little bunny foo foo. Got it?”
  • “Are your germs related to my germs?”
  • “I’m screaming in silence.”
  • “Don’t worry mom- I’m not going to wear this out in public.”
  • “I have 3 words for you. That. Was. Hilarious.”
  • “I believe I crack you up. Am I correct?”

What a kid!  If you are interested in reading the latest in kindergarten wisdom, you can follow @rileysays or use the hashtag #kindergartenwisdom to find more funnies.

And she just recently turned six, so…Happy Birthday, Riley! We love you and all the funny things you say!


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