Great Gift Idea for a Guy

If you want to reconnect with your neighbors, buy your husband a remote control airplane. I have called every neighbor in a 3-house radius to avoid some neighbor kid saying, “Hey, Mom, there’s a man in our tree!”

Actually, everything came to a standstill when the plane ended up in the tip top of a neighbor’s pine tree on Sunday.

Last night when we were driving home, my husband sadly said, ” I bet my little plane is cold.”

Ahh, it was sort of pitiful, but funny at the same time. I had no idea that would be such a beloved gift. So, next year, if you need a Christmas gift idea for your husband, remember the Air Hog from Target ($50).

A small price to pay to reconnect with your neighbors.  Well, while it lasts! I think I hear the wind blowing now…maybe the little air hog will be set free!

So, that’s what I have learned lately. What random things have you learned lately?

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