LEDs in the House

In an effort to make our home more energy efficient, we swapped out the recessed lights in our kitchen with eco-friendly LED ones.

Honestly, I would NEVER have tried this on my own. Why? Because these suckers are $39/each and that’s a lotta jack.  I also was skeptical about whether or not I would even like these lights because I prefer a soft white light. Sometimes the eco lights are harsh white. I even asked the hubs to install one upstairs in the hallway first just in case I hated it.

It looked good in the hallway, so we put them up in the kitchen. And they went up quick. It’s actually all one piece and you remove your old bulb and round thingy (technical term), and then it just pops in there.

Friends, I LOVE them. We used gift cards from our Home Depot home energy improvement program to buy them for the entire kitchen. And then we used our own money to buy more for other places in the house. I really like the way they way they make the paint look. The light really appeals to me, and they are nice and bright. And if the packaging is true, we won’t be changing these light bulbs for a couple of decades. As in, my daughter could be married before change one of these LED bulbs (and all that time we will be using less energy).

There are a couple of recessed lights in the house we didn’t change, and the plan for those is to use up the incandescent bulbs we took down that still work. (I can’t waste them even though we will miss out on some energy savings in the meantime). But once the old light bulbs we have are used up, we will buy more of the LED lights so all of the recessed lights in our house will be the good ones.

I used gift cards provided by The Home Depot to buy these light bulbs. But my husband and I chose the product, and my opinion is my own. And that thumb in the picture is my husband’s.






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