Branching Out

Tip: Use tree branches for decorating.

Do you have a Bradford Pear tree? There are lots of them in Knoxville. Honestly, it’s not my favorite tree, because they break a lot. But there is one thing that I like about them….in the winter, you can cut branches off of a Bradford Pear tree and use them for interior decorating.

I guess when you should do this varies by location, but for the Knoxville climate, the tree has these great-looking silver buds in January. Here’s what the branches look like and how I use them.

I actually cut these branches last year or the year before, and they have held up really well.

I think they would look nice in any kind of vase. For example, a glass rectangular vase would be cool – maybe with some glass pebbles in the bottom. If you use branches as a centerpiece for a kitchen or dining room table, you could also decorate the branches for Easter with eggs or Christmas with ornaments.  There are lots of possibilities.

I use mine in this twiggy vase in our dining room. I had to make sure the branches weren’t too long. Wouldn’t want someone coming around the corner only to get poked in the EYE!

Do you guys bring the outdoors inside? Any of you have flowers or things you bring in from your yard?

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