Unique and Affordable Teacher Gift Ideas: Part One

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The end of the school year is coming and it’s time to think about teacher gifts. I am running a series of different ideas over the next week that I hope will be helpful.

First up: some great ideas from one of my favorite gift stores.

Don’t you just LOVE to stumble across one of those shops that has a buyer with excellent taste?! That store for me…is Bradley’s (located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

If you don’t happen to live near Knoxville – keep reading, there are some ideas in here that might inspire you.

I should also point out that this store is also a CHOCOLATE shop. Uh, you had me at hello!

Recently, I stopped by Bradley’s and while I was there got some GREAT ideas for teacher gifts from the storeowner Joy Hamlett who recommends buying gifts for teachers that are “consumable and useful.”

Wrap a Gift in a Hand-Towel

One of the store’s best sellers is Bradley’s chocolate popcorn, which starts at just $5.95. Hamlett recommends wrapping the popcorn in one of the store’s decorative hand towels ($5.95-$6.95).

Honestly, this hand-towel idea could also be a great way to package cookies you make or anything else you want to give your teacher. To Joy’s point, it’s a great way to give a gift that is useful. Additionally, it’s an environmentally friendly way to wrap a present!

Consider Pairing a Dip Mix With a Culinary Item

Another option is a gourmet dip mix. At Bradley’s these range from $4.95-$7.95. Joy suggested pairing one of the dips she sells with a spatula that has a fun saying on the handle ($9.95) or a small decorative bowl ($6.95).


And if you are looking for a new way to give your teacher an apple, notice that Sophie’s Choice dip pictured above is an apple dip mix ($8.95) that is designed to be mixed with cream cheese. How yummy does that sound? I am totally going to keep that in mind for the next time we have people over.

And Now…the Gift of Chocolate!

There are several chocolate and candy options that can be given individually or grouped to create a larger gift. For instance, Bradley’s sells ½ lb. chocolate bars that say ‘Thank You’ ($7.95) and chocolates made in the shape of large aspirin ($1.75). My friend, Stacey, told me about those aspirin – she has given them as a teacher gift before and told me to look for them. I ate one of those aspirin and it definitely made ME feel better.

Another option is one of their best sellers – the Tennessee Walking Stick. It’s chocolate and caramel on a pretzel and after trying one, I know why it is one of their best sellers. This would make a great addition to any teacher’s gift. If you are not from around here, check for items like this at your local chocolate shop or maybe you could even make them yourself and arrange them in a bouquet with some ribbon or put them in something decorative. (I will say, having made teacher gifts in the past, it’s time consuming. It’s just so much easier to buy them).

What?! Something here is perfect for you, but you don’t live around here? You can call Bradley’s at (865) 694-0400 to inquire about products that can be shipped.

This is not a sponsored post. I just absolutely love this store and thought Joy had fantastic gift ideas for any budget (Oh, and I am mildly addicted to their chocolate popcorn). 


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