Game Night: Bananagrams!

Do you like Scrabble? If you do, you might like Bananagrams. I picked it up at Target and we played it when we had a bunch of people who are bananas family in town. It was really fun. I got it at Target for about $15. When I was in the checkout line another mom saw it and said her family loves it and they take it with them on trips. I thought that was a pretty good sign. And it does come in a little banana zipper bag, so I guess it would travel well. But, I digress, here’s how to play…

How to Play Bananagrams

All tiles are face down. Each player gets a certain number of tiles depending on how many people are playing. The game starts when someone says “split” and everyone turns over their tiles and forms them into words. (It’ sort of like individualized Scrabble).

Once someone has a puzzle worked out they say “peel” and everyone has to take another tile and work it in. When someone else uses all their tiles they say “peel” again and everyone takes another tile until there are fewer tiles remaining then players. At that point, the first one to use all tiles shouts “Bananas!” and wins. Well, they win as long as their words are all real words. If not, then all their tiles go back in the pot and the game continues until someone wins for real.

We love us some Scrabble over here, so this is right up our alley.

Bananagrams is Great for Early Readers

My daughter Molly (7) watched us and asked to play. It’s really great for early readers. In fact, we had a mother-daughter day yesterday and played for a long time. Here’s one of her puzzles. It’s a really fun way to do brain work.

What games do you like to play with your kids?

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