Motherhood Moments: Recent Funnies From Your House and Mine

Ahhh, motherhood moments make me laugh. What are those? Random funny things found around the house that our kids do. If your kids do something funny at your house, please feel free to send in your pictures so we can all enjoy them. With that, I give you the latest motherhood moments.

“Bad Babies. They know what they’ve done…”

(Photo and caption by Amy from Nashville, TN)

Charlie, lover of coins, was VERY interested in this piece of mail.

Bird’s nest. Note the poop. I guess some things are universal.

Clearly, this fish is a catch!

(Photo submitted by Megan in Knoxville, TN)

Maker’s Mark on the 5-Year-Old’s Dresser…

Not exactly what I expected to find when I went to dust Charlie’s dresser. When I asked the children to explain, Louisa said, “Oh– we were just playing house.” Oops.

(Photo and Caption by contributor Shannon Doyle in Louisville, KY)

Many thanks to Amy, Megan and Shannon for sharing your motherhood moments with! 

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  1. Jessica Skelton September 5, 2012 at 7:56 pm #

    Making sure you are Connie Robinsons sister in law.

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