This Kid Cracks Me Up!

One of my favorite kids in the whole world is 6-year-old Riley from @RileySays. Her mom, Rebecca, and I are friends, and I must credit her for the list of funnies I keep and collect that make us chuckle. So, it is NO surprise that pearls of grade 1 wisdom come from the mouth of her very own babe – Riley.  In fact, this kid is so funny that she is a regular contributor to

Here are some recent gems from @RileySays:

“All parents are butt cleaners.”

“When I grow up, I wanna be an adventurer a mom and a singer.”

“I’ve changed a lot since I was in pre-K. I know a lot better now.”

“Nice one, Daddy. Although, I am not really sure what that means.”

“I need to start calling you Dad, but that’s going to be hard since I’ve been calling you Daddy my whole life.”

“I love spaghetti junction, where are the meatballs?”

“I’m having second lunch.”

“I just want to throw my head in a pie.”

“You’re a mom so you’re a champion at saying no.”

“Instead of the 80′s and 90′s, now it’s the twelvies.”

“Maybe you are speaking metaphorically.”

“You’re my BSBF. Big sister best friend.”

“Netflix is powerful.”

“Can we play X-Box? I’m only kidding. Unless you say yes.”

Thanks for the laughs, Riley. Hope all is going well in first grade, and we are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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