An Easy Way to Collect Money for a Teacher Gift (Or Any Gift From a Group!)

So, it’s time to organize a gift for your child’s teacher and we all know gift cards are greatly appreciated.

I recently learned about a fantastic website called

The site provides a way to collect money online from a group of people for a gift.

To use the site, you establish an account and add an email list. Then you can start a collection and invite people from your email list to give to the group gift.

It’s similar to an evite.

There are no fees and no minimum amount required. The money that is collected can be used to purchase gifts or gift cards from the company’s website, which includes dozens of retailers such as Amazon, Gap and Walmart.

This would be a great tool to collect for a group gift to a teacher and would work for a birthday or for a shower gift as well.

A mom  named Karen created this site after she realized no one had collected money to get a gift for her son’s baseball coach at the end of the season.

Geeeeenius, Karen! Thank you!

Anyone used this before? By the way, there is another one called you should check out as well.

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