True Gifts

Yesterday was my birthday and it was full of gifts – true gifts.

I love my friends and family, but I am an introvert and need a lot of alone time to function. So, I enjoyed a quiet day to myself. GIFT.

I worked a little bit, but mostly took the day off. GIFT.

My family members and friends contacted me throughout the day. GIFT.

At one point, I stopped and got myself a GORGEOUS cupcake – it was salted caramel. When she handed it to me I heard The Hallelujah Chorus. When I got home and was carrying it in from the car, I totally dropped it upside down. D’oh! Fortunately, it was in a little box. It looked like it had been punched, but you know I ate it anyway. Well, part of it – it was VERY rich. GIFT.

I only worked for a little while, but when I did, I got an email from the owner of a store out in California who ordered copies of my book.  GIFT.

Also, when I was at my computer, I sat next to the message my kids made on the dry erase board in my office.

Got the kids from school and we climbed into the trampoline and jumped. We played “Simon Says” and I taught the kids about natural selection: “Engine, engine, number nine, going down Chicago line, if the train falls off the track, do you want your money back? My mommy told me to pick the very best one and you are not it!” And then you weed people out, hitting fists as you go. (Sure takes a while to find out who’s it!) GIFT.

Okay, isn’t it interesting that sing-song things like this became common without the internet, without social media? I guess the playground fostered that and the rhymes and jingles made them viral. 

Then my sister came over for a little bit, and we enjoyed 72° December weather and talked while our kids played. GIFT.

My husband made a wonderful dinner for the four of us that included steak and shrimp. At one point the plate of steak (we just get one steak and slice it up and share it) was handed to me and I didn’t keep the plate level and ended up dumping meat juice in my lap. We laughed. GIFT.

Then the kids bestowed their homemade gifts…

No tissue paper? No problem! Molly used a piece of polka dot fabric instead. Way to recycle, kid! What’s inside?

Painted birthday sign.

Little bag o money.

Pipe cleaner hearts with bells.

Decorated pencil.

Now for Charlie’s gift…(by the way, my legs would break if I sat like that!)

 Hmmm. Lumpy cards. Wonder what’s in there…

 Why, it’s the cardboard off of a Danimals yogurt pack!
I think he thought he was giving me something worth $30,ooo. (He was very proud.)

Next up…

Cookie CAKE!!! We totally let the kids have some, which led to a sugar-high dance party in pajamas.

Charlie turned off the lights and created this on the ceiling, which he moved around like a disco light.

What makes that kind of light, you ask?

Why, a flashlight and a hair dryer attachment, of course!
(That’s the diffuser from my ConAir.)

My husband was handling the music, and Charlie gave the DJ a shout out in an announcer voice, which was super funny. And, at one point, he jumped up on the couch like Tom Cruise to point the flashlight on Molly for a dance spotlight.
She was ready with some moves. Good times!


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  1. Amy December 5, 2012 at 11:01 pm #

    Well that just sounds like the perfect birthday! Yay! (and this was one of your best written posts too!)

    • Heather December 6, 2012 at 7:52 pm #

      Thanks, Amy!


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