Whiteboard Notes From the Kids

The first two images are on my whiteboard right now. (The kids have their own dry erase board, but still like to write on mine.) The last image here is older, but funny and in keeping with the theme here so threw it in there…

“HeY Gril” hey_girl


Heather stands for… heather_stands_for My favorite here is Charlie’s addition – teeth.

Dance and Shake


Tip! Did you know they make dry erase crayons?!?!


Definitely less mess with the crayons. The marker tends to end upon the carpet or without a cap and dries out. The kids prefer the markers, which is probably why they are always in here writing on my whiteboard. Well, at least it’s entertainment.

Do your kids write you funny notes? If you have any that are just classic, please send them in.

Hope you had a good weekend!



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