My Addiction

Okay, so I am still off the soda.  But today I want to talk about another addition I have: I LOVE to buy inflatable water toys for my kids.

Slip’n n slides, inflatable slides, water hop scotch, you name it. I contribute to the trade imbalance one plastic inflatable at a time.

My latest score – The Caterpillar Jumbo Rider, purchased at Tuesday Morning for the bargain price of $16.

jumborider I know, I know, but I couldn’t help myself. It looks like so much fun and two kids can ride it. That is, if it ever makes it to a pool or the lake.

Last weekend it rained and the kids decided to blow it up. I was sitting on the couch downstairs when they came out with it above their heads moving it up and down saying it was a Chinese Dragon.

Last night Molly tried to sleep on it. She eventually graduated to trying to use it as a pillow, which didn’t last long.

This reminds me of Charlie trying to sleep on his bed in the tunnel. I don’t have a picture of him in there, but it’s this thing. On a twin bed. He had a pillow and books in there.

Anyone want to take bets on whether or not the super jumbo rider ever makes it to water?


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