Dip, Baby Dip, C’mon Now

Oh, did I ever find something yummy. My sister and I went to a Women’s Expo this weekend and we found some super-great dips by a company called All Stars Dips.  (No, this is not an advertisement).

Have you ever made that Knorr Spinach dip – the one you mix with sour cream, Mayo, etc? That’s a good one, too if you haven’t tried it. Same concept here, only there are some really unusual and fabulous flavors.

I bought  Cheesy Bacon, Crab Supreme (I know it sounds questionable, but it’s wonderful), and Dilly Lemon. I wish I had bought a few other kinds, but I found them online so I can always order more.

I made the crab dip first. I cut the recipe in half, since I am the only one who is likely to eat it. Plus, I can enjoy it another time. The company used stick pretzels at the Expo to let people test the different flavors.  Since I had some of those at the house, that was my spoon of choice for this tasty dip.

Num, num.

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