Dealing With Gluten Allergies? Check Out This Humor Book With Recipes And Rants by April Peveteaux

Conversation at girls night out runs the gamut, doesn’t it? That’s one of the things I have come to love about being a mom. You can totally tell a poop story while you all share a bowl of bean dip.

At a recent GNO, dealing with gluten allergies (Celiac Disease) came up.  I mentioned this upcoming book to my friends, and promised to write about it when the book out. Well, it’s out.

Friends, meet April Peveteaux, author of the new book Gluten is my BitchRants, Recipes, and Ridiculousness for the Gluten-Free.


Why did you write this book?

I wrote GIMB partly as a guide to other people who are forced to go gluten-free against their will, and a lot for me to exorcise the demons inside my body that demand donuts. I hope everyone will see the humor in this wacky condition that requires one to forgo the breadsticks at Olive Garden.

What’s the worst part about dealing with a gluten allergy?

For me, the worst part of having celiac is that I can no longer be spontaneous. I have to think about food 24/7. There’s no more, “I’ll just grab a slice/go through the drive-thru/pick up a hoagie” for me. Instead I have to hunt down safe places to eat Every. Single. Meal. ANNOYING.

What are some tips you have for adjusting to a gluten-free situation?

1) Be polite to people who are feeding you, even if you really want to shake them when they suggest “just a little” flour won’t hurt you;

2) Always carry a gluten-free treat in your bag—just for the peace of mind, and the yumminess; and,

3) Always, always, always offer to bring your favorite gluten-free dish to a dinner party.

Are you dealing with a gluten allergy?  Get the book here.

April_Peveteaux April Peveteaux is a writer and editor living in Los Angeles with three other people who seem to know her very well. And Gluten is Totally Her Bitch. 
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