What’s New in Baby Gear? Straight Jackets!


I love these people.

One of my best friends, Angie, had her second baby recently, and we were discussing what’s new and useful. Here are some of the things we discussed.

 The NEW baby burrito!

There’s nothing wrong with old-school swaddling BUT Angie and her husband are both huge fans of velcro swaddlers. Or, as I like to think of them - baby straight jackets.

The people who invented these (probably sleep-deprived parents) should be inducted into Mensa or win a nobel peace and quiet prize or something.

How to swaddle a baby

Shameless plug: Baby Straight Jackets ($15) + my book ($10) = the perfect baby shower gift. And Amazon will deliver it right to the door. 

Okay, moving on…

Baby Carrier

We used a Baby Bjorn, but a new one is this K’tan Original Baby Carrier

K'tan Baby Carrier

Rock N Play

The rock n play is an alternative to the standard bouncy seat, so you just need one or the other. This Rock N Play is attractive, but bouncy seats are more reasonably priced, PLUS there is the optional mobile which will entertain your baby when they are too little to hold (or hang onto) and play with a toy.

Tip: Angie went with a bouncy seat but said her pediatrician recommended the Rock N Play for babies with reflux.

Rock N Play

Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor that Connects to Phone

Summer Smart Phone Wifi Baby Monitor

This is the one Angie has. It’s pricey (200 smackers!) but she really likes and recommends it. It has a 3-star rating on Amazon, which is just average so I think it’s helpful to hear from a real mom that she likes it.
Tip: Make sure you investigate the security settings to make sure everything is locked down.

I have a more detailed list of things to register for (and what just ends up in a garage sale). But new things are showing up all the time, so I wanted to give you some input from my friend. Thanks, Angie.

Do you guys have any experience with any of this baby gear? Do you have a favorite baby gear item?

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    Thanks, Lisa. Hope you are feeling okay.

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