DIY Wine Label Table (That Rhymes. I May Have Been Drinking.)

Love Wine? This table might be the perfect tribute to good times had.

My sister-in-law, Carla, is incredibly talented. She and her husband – among many other things – flip houses. They are masters of of finding great deals and doing cool things on a budget.  They happen to have a pool in their backyard, and decided they wanted a pool house. So they built one, doing the majority of the work themselves and using their deal-finding talents to save along the way.

In the pool house, I spotted this fun little table and asked about it. Of course, they made it. So I asked how to do it and it sounds completely doable.


How to Make a Modge Podge® Table

1. Drink a bunch of wine and save the labels. Or, I guess you could just take labels off of bottles, but where’s the fun in that? Carla has also collected them from friends.

2. Place labels over the table until the entire surface is covered.

3. Use Modge Podge® to attache the labels and let dry.

winelabeltable3 copy

Photo Credit: Carla Arterburn

4. Use painters tape to create a border around the table, allowing for part of the tape to stick up into the air.

5. Pour epoxy into the circle and let it sit until it cures (follow directions on the epoxy instructions).

6. Remove the painter’s tape, brush the edges with epoxy and allow that to dry.

Voilá! A sweet DIY Wine Label Table.


You could also add photographs of friends drinking the wine with you. Not a drinker? No problem! This table would be really cute with family photos and other keepsakes.

Also noteworthy – Carla is the mother of Julia, who has cool home decor ideas, too.

Have you guys ever done this kind of project? How did it turn out? Let us know if you have any tips!

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