Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk

A week ago today, I was standing with purse on shoulder and keys in hand. I was waiting for my husband to get home from work (early) so I could make a break for it. Not only was I fleeing my homestead, but I was bound for two of my favorite fabric stores in Atlanta. When we lived there, I would frequent Lewis & Sheron and Forsyth Fabrics. You see, fabric is my crack. In fact, when I got to Atlanta and pulled up in front of L&S I was so excited, I was practically frothing at the mouth.

I went up and down every aisle. I studied everything despite my sensory overload. It took me an hour and a half to get through the first store. My ankle was starting to protest. (If you don’t know why my foot hurts, please read: You Know You Are Having a Bad Week When You Borrow Your Dad’s Walker). But even pain would not stop me from going through every inch of the second store.

I have quite the fabric habit. Back in the days of – you know, employment — I would leave these stores with people offering to load my car. So, I had to choose wisely if I was going to make a purchase and I just needed a tiny hit of my crack.

And then I saw it.

I just couldn’t help myself.

I found fabric with muted images of the faces of Larry, Mo and Curly! Who can resist The Three Stooges? Certainly not me. I got enough to make a pillow for my son Charlie’s room.

I made the pillow today and decided Charlie (2) might think the faces are scary. I’m all about this pillow, so I decided I better think of a way to sell it.  YouTube to the rescue! I thought, I’ll show him who they are and how silly they are.

Well, it has been a while since I have watched The Three Stooges. I thought–black and white, silly skits even a munchkin like mine would think they are funny. Clip after clip all they do is smack each other in the face. Um, hard. I turned it off almost immediately and smiled and said, “How about that pillow, cool huh?”

Crickets… Crickets…

Then he piped up with a smile “Yeeaaah!”  (Whew!)

Here’s hoping he doesn’t haul off and slap me like I’m Curly! Nyak, nyak, nyak.

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  1. amy edgemon April 25, 2010 at 7:11 am #

    I cannot believe you didn’t think of me for the fabric stores. Maybe you just needed alone time???? Just kidding but next time please take me!!! Have you ever been to short sheets? I need to go soon if you want to tag along.

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