Its Earth Day (and Trash Day)

Looking at two ginormous garbage bins makes me think about our lifestyle and the waste we discard. Actually, I am proud to say that one of those ginormous bins is a recycling bin. It’s a sign of progress that we have equality in recycle and garbage bins. However, I can guarantee you there is more garbage in the garbage bin.

So, today on earth day, I recommit to looking for more things that can be recycled instead of trashed. Today, I took the time to clean out the empty jelly bottle. And I will attempt to muster the will to clean out the peanut butter jar when it’s gone (that one is the worst).

Little by little, it all counts. Happy Earth Day, Earthlings!

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  1. casie April 23, 2010 at 3:26 pm #

    I’ve been told there’s no need to clean out jars/bottles being sent for recycling. They do a thorough cleaning process at the plant:)

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