Find me a Find…on Craigslist

I love home decor stuff. But it’s not just regular ole stuff that floats my boat. I have an affinity for the unusual, and I love to use items for something other than their intended purpose. A cool jug or an old metal toy looks like a potential lamp to me.

And I love a good deal, so Craigslist is a winner for me. Check out my latest find. An antique child’s swivel desk chair. I am still stoked about it.  I paid around $60 for it. I have no idea what its true value is, but I don’t care because the price was reasonable to me and I absolutely love it.

I am starting to work on Charlie Poo’s room. (Unfortunately, there was more nuggetry today, but I just can’t write about poo today. I choose to block it out and bask in my latest Craigslist find instead.)

Ahem, back to Charlie’s room. The walls are a pale gray called Sidewalk Gray. I actually found the color at Wal-Mart and took it to Pittsburgh paints for a color match. That’s been done for a while, but it’s hard to make progress due to lack of employment, hence fundage.

[Tax return enter stage right.] Now, I can attempt to make some progress. I love progress!


Soda Detox Update: No cheating yet. Made it to the one week mark. I totally want a soda. When I need a fix, I drink a little grape juice. And when that doesn’t work, I switch to wine…the other grape juice!


2 Responses to Find me a Find…on Craigslist

  1. Jacki February 13, 2010 at 11:02 am #

    I hate to be an enabler but have you tried the zero calorie flavored seltzer’s? They are really good (IMHO)….. although they are only one step away from true “soda”, they may be like a “nicorette” for the pop-addicted. :)

    • heatherteen February 14, 2010 at 9:22 pm #

      I tried an IZZE tonight. Wasn’t cold enough. Will try again when it is super cold and see if I like it. Anything that gets me off chemicals is good. It does have 27 grams of sugars. Sigh.

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