The Many Adventures of Charlie the Poo

Holy crap – another poop adventure. I hope we aren’t entering into some gross phase. I have heard of kids doing this, so I am sure it is normal. If only we were having  The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Ok, so two adventures isn’t exactly many. But it feels like many. We are talking poo here.  That is two adventures in one week.  I’m concerned.

And the lesson I thought I learned the other day is dead wrong. My darling boy removed his one piece pajamas and then the diaper this time.  So, don’t listen to me, people! Clearly, I am full of it.

Maybe he is taking it off because it finally bothers him to have it next to his skin. I guess I am going to accelerate the potty training. That should be interesting.  And I was just about to clean the carpet upstairs. Guess I’ll wait. On second thought, maybe I should just buy a carpet cleaner…

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: I was told when you clean up your child in the bath after to use cool water. Then the child associates their action with the cold water and it incentivizes them not to do it again. Seems kind of mean, but in an effort to nip this butt (ha ha) I think I will give it a try if it happens again.  Here is the chat if you want the long version.

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