Motherhood is a Series of Mini Graduations

It’s hard to believe the school year has come and gone. The end of kindergarten marks yet another rite of passage – something else that is not about to happen for the first time – but has happened. There’s no ceremony, but the conclusion of the first year of school is, in itself, a mini graduation.

As a mom, I have had many such graduations from objects and stages, including: pacifiers, bottles, crawling (hovering), baby food, bibs, burp cloths, diapers, baby gear, cribs, baby gates, sippy cups and baby toys. And the latest one for me is the baby swing on the play set…I know I should be excited my little one wants to use a regular swing, but the truth is my shoulders slump a little as I praise his gumption.

While there are a few things I would like to graduate from (large plastic toys) I’m trying not to be in a hurry to graduate from anything.

Many of these graduations are sad to me. Yesterday, my son bypassed the little potty for the regular toilet. Do I really wanna dump his turd? No, but every mini graduation is another reminder my baby is less of a baby. I have heard at some point that they stop wanting to do things with you, so I try to remember to relish their desire for my attention. Even though, sometimes it feels like this:


And then there are times when you think you have graduated, but in fact, your diploma was revoked! You missed a lesson. Here’s what happened to a friend of mine last week.

I thought my kids, ages 6 and 4 had reached the stage where we did not need a diaper bag any more, at least for short, local excursions. I was WRONG. A bicycle trip to a local park turned very messy when my 6-year old suddenly needed to go #2 and we were caught with no place to go and no wipes. I won’t go into any more detail, but I will not leave the house without wipes, a bag and some hand sanitation any more – at least until the kids are in high school.
I figured you could relate….

Oh the many motherhood lessons learned from poo! Thanks for sharing your nugget with us.

Well, its seems the unofficial graduations come whether you want them to or not. It’s hard to imagine the latter end of this journey — my kids becoming teenagers and young adults.  It seems impossible, though I know it will happen. Everyone says, “You’ll blink, and they’ll be graduating high school.”

Cheers and lots of tissues to the moms of seniors who are graduating this month.  I’m doing my best to live in the moment (and trying not to blink)!

What are you graduating from as a mom?

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