Quotable: Where You Live and OxyClean

The following are two separate conversations I had with my very literal little kids today.

With my three-year-old:

Me: “Charlie, do you know our address?”
Charlie: “Huh?”
Me: I clarified, “Where do you live?”
Charlie: “Uhhh, in a house” I’m pretty sure there was an implied dumbass at the end of his statement.

With my six-year-old:

Molly: “Oh, Mom, you gotta see this cleaning thing?!” She goes over to the TV to rewind to the commercial that has impressed her.
Me: “Yes, I’m familiar with that. It’s called OxyClean.”
Molly: “Well? Are you gonna get it?”
Me: “Um, I dunno. Probably not.”
Molly: With disdain she replied, “Well, do you want to have a dirty bathroom?!”

I guess if you are six and unfamiliar with advertising claims an OxyClean commercial does seem pretty convincing.

Your kids said anything funny lately?

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