Cross Country Initiation Motherhood Fail

Tip: When the paper says the cross country meet is at 5:30. That means the running starts at 5:30. I mistook it for gathering time. And I also thought it was a small event. So we were trying to get there at 5:15. But there were over 1,000 (are you kidding me?) people there, so it was right at 5:30 as we walked onto the field – just in time to hear “ready, set, go” with NO idea where our school’s kids were among the masses.

Motherhood FAIL!!!!

I felt terrible after having praised and talked up the run while picking up Papa and driving all the way across town to the meet. My mom even drove over after work to watch her run.

So, we did what anyone would do in this situation – we went out for Mexican food. It cheered her up. I had the chicken soup and WATER thanks to my diet. There’s just something about Mexican food that requires soda, don’t you think? Or a margarita. (Well, I ended up having one later).

Anyway, word to the wise on the cross country initiation. Next time, I will know better.

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