Baby Gift Idea

The next time you are hunting a unique baby gift, consider giving a box of personalized stationery. Our friend, Patra did just that when our daughter was born. It was a fantastic gift for several reasons.

1. It was personalized and unique.

2. It was useful. I used it to send so many thank-you notes for baby gifts and cooked meals. Plus, despite my insecure new-mommy-state-of-mind, sending notes on personalized stationery made me feel more put-together. Like, oh yeah, I can have this baby and bring home the bacon send you a note on her personalized stationery, too!

3. The unexpected. Over time we have used nearly all of the cards, but we came across one recently and my daughter actually wrote Patra a note on the stationery she received when she was born. Patra even wrote about it on her blog I Do Declare.

Photo credit -Patra from I Do Declare.

So, the next time you are hunting a good baby gift, note this great idea from our friend, Patra. (Thanks again, Sister!)

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