7 Days of Teacher Gift Ideas: Day 3

Need a fantastic teacher gift for under $5? Do I have one for you. I have to tell you that e-mail spam led me to this affordable teacher gift idea. (I can’t believe I am going to reward spam this way, but I can’t help it.)

A while back, I bought business cards from Vista print, so now I get regular email messages from them, but I recieved one with a bunch of free items listed when I was looking for teacher gift ideas. Light bulb! My daughter adores her teacher and has even been known to tell her she “rocks” on her homework or test. (Brilliant strategy actually, but I digress).

Back to the gift idea, I had my daughter write her manta (You Rock Miss Martin) on a sheet of paper and then I scanned it and add it as a custom image to for a notepad (4″ x 5.5″) that is actually FREE! I only had to pay $4.59 for shipping. I picked the slowest shipping option (21 days) even though I don’t have that long. I have ordered before and it came in about three days, so I am hopeful this will arrive in plenty of time.

Or they have lots templates to choose from.

Okay, so this is kind of a small gift, so you might want to put something with it, but I thought it was a fun idea. My friend, Kim, is a teacher (and just an awesome person in general) and she says note cards are also a winner. Vista Print sells these as well as customizable sticky pads. The sticky pads were on the list of free items, too. Maybe if you got one each of the free things,  you could bundle them together into a nicer gift and you would just pay one shipping charge for the lot.

Happy teacher gift shopping!

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