Reminders from Toys…

Sit up straight.

I saved this as wallpaper on my computer as a reminder to sit up straight.

Take a Bath

My daughter loves to make mind maps. I am calling this one a Mom-map.  And there’s a hefty reminder in here for me. Starting at the top center they read: cool, “asome,” pretty, cute, nice, entertaining, fun and (my personal favorite) “sometimes dirty.” When I asked her about it she said because sometimes I need to take a bath. NICE!

Clean under the furniture.

I dragged the chair in my son’s room away from the window during our attic insulation adventure and I discovered a  Wonder Pet, a Pez wrapper and a petrified cheerio.

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  1. ravyn December 3, 2011 at 2:44 pm #

    that etch-a-sketch mom-map is HILARIOUS. Sometimes dirty. That cracks me up.

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