Tooth Fairy Tales: Knocked Out

My friend saved this note that her daughter wrote to the tooth fairy a while back. Hats off to you, Susan, for being able locate it! I have GOT to get more organized with our keepsakes, but I digress. Anyway, Susan did mention to me that she was wished she had dated it, so don’t forget to put the date on things before you put them in your drawer full of crap organized and orderly keepsake system.

Okay, here’s the note…

Dear Tooth fairy,

My tooth got knocked out by my brother’s head! I hope you like my tooth. (next is crossed out) By the way, my brother’s jealous because I get a dollar, wich i won’t probably.

Love, Harriet

Thanks for sending this in, Susan. I especially love the little drawing of the tooth on the first page.

Do your kids leave the Tooth Fairy notes? Tooth Fairy Tales: The Skittle Bribery is awesome if you missed it. And if you have any funny notes or stories please send them in so we can enjoy them. Thanks!

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