Organization: Getting Control Over Your House

Could you use a little help getting control of the clutter and creating systems that work for you? If so, this resource may help.

Organizing expert Karen Sprinkle of Organize it Data, Time and Space discovered her passion for organizing when she and her husband and three children lived in a 1400 square-foot home. (I…would be nutty).

Overwhelmed with stuff, Karn needed to come up with a way to manage her home. So she started reading. She read several books, but the one she recommended to me is Julie Morgenstern’s New York Times best-selling book Organizing from the Inside Out.

Julie Morgenstern is a renowned time-management and efficiency expert. She has been in almost every major magazine, newspaper and on many TV shows. She has written numerous columns and books. I was reading around on her site and found another book she wrote called Never Check E-mail in the Morning which aims to help you be more effective as you work. And her most recent book looks theraputic. It is called  SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life:  A Four-Step Guide to Getting Unstuck.

Karen said Organizing from the Inside Out is fantastic because it covers the principles you need to get organized. “Once I made the changes, I was able to get total control of my house,” she said.

I’ll be honest, Friends, ‘total control of my house’ sounds like a pipe dream. That said, I am totally going to buy this book and give it a shot. Hats off to Julie Morgenstern and thanks for the book recommendation, Karen!

  Karen is the mother of three and has been an organizing professional for 12 years. Her business is called Organize it: Data, Time and Space. She’s super talented, and you can find additional tips on her site. You can reach Karen via email at karensprinkle{at} or on Facebook. Additionally, she recently shared tips for organizing toys  with Thanks for showing us the way to a more organized life, Karen!

I have no affiliate connection to these women. I just thought the resources were worth passing along.

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